How Is Your Merchandising Strategy Affecting Your SEO Performance

It is a common school of thought that by simply listing hundreds or thousands of products on your e-commerce website, it will affect SEO (search engine optimization) traffic positively. This could not be further from the truth.

The unfortunate truth is that optimizing e-Commerce websites for SEO is a more daunting task. There are numerous SEO problems presented by e-Commerce websites because of product pages constantly shuffling on and off the site.

A common problem is the main product being offered by the site is generally not the focal point and this is because a digital marketing strategy is based on the holistic need of the website as opposed to the brand’s product mix.

It is therefore important for marketing managers to discuss how merchandising will affect SEO and plan online marketing drives accordingly.

Common SEO errors of online stores and e-Commerce websites

Here we will examine some of the common errors made by online stores in respect to SEO.

  • Lack of product description

Most online stores, particularly clothing and gift shops, have the tendency not to put product descriptions on their wares. This reduces the chance of your page appearing among the top ten when there is a query on search engines.

This problem can be solved by adding a description to the item card thus increasing the chances of your page being discoverable when there is a relevant search on Google.

  • Using product descriptions from manufactures

 You should know that manufactures product descriptions are relayed to many on online stores. Since most online stores will use these descriptions in their original text, all these pages are filtered by Google due to non-unique content.

Google is becoming more and more adept at down-grading ranking due to duplicate content and content scraping  so you clearly don’t want to fall in that category. So the golden rule here should be, always create unique content for your product descriptions.

  • Space out your “SALE” campaigns

It is good to understand the power of an effective promotion irrespective of whether your brand target is the luxury place or the bargain savvy shopper.

It is vital to be cautious and not overzealous with your promotional calendar. Depending on how spaced out your promotional calendar is, it will determine whether buyers are taking out their credit cards to buy or your consumers have become numb to your messaging and tuned you out due to too many promotions.

Sales have the ability to generate a sense of urgency leading consumers to buy now. However, if they are too frequent they will have the opposite effect of consumers because they expect you will have another sale in no time. From a SEO perspective, this only serves to cheapen your brand and consumers no longer see the value of paying full price for the product.

Although these pointers are not exhaustive, they do make it clear that merchandising has an effect on SEO. Question is whether yours has a positive or negative impact.