Five mistakes to avoid when developing your Employer brand strategy

A good brand strategy will connect customers’ needs with emotions and get your business ahead of the competitions. When you combine a stellar reputation with an easily recognizable brand, you will be able to stay ahead of the competitions and get more sales.

Unfortunately, there are so many mistakes made when developing the employer brand strategy. That is why I put together this article so as to shed light on most mistakes that are committed when developing your employer brand strategy.

    1. Not taking your brand seriously. Most people think that building a brand to a point and dropping it would yield a good result. But on the contrary, creating a half brand would only produce half the results. Take your brand strategy very seriously, invest in the resources you need to build your brand, and see your brand through that it attracts or recruit the best talent.

  1. The spam brander. The mistake most people make is seeing their branding strategy as a marketing exercise, just getting their name into the market any way possible. But this way is not the right way that is a quantity approach, not a quality approach. The quantity approach will only last a few years with some results. Apart from that, there is every tendency that the message your brand is passing might be labeled as inauthentic or contrived, this would let your targeted talent pool discard you even before you gain any traction with them.
  1. Following the crowd. Paying attention to your targeted talent pool is essential. If your targeted talent pool like a brand, you might want to copy that brand in the hopes of getting the same attraction of talent. But guess what! Your competitors are already doing it, so it means that there would be lots of similar brands trying to get a certain target talent pool. So instead of following the crowd, why don’t you do something different? Look for a loophole and fill the gap. Go for something that is not common, be unique and you will surely get your target talent pool.
  1. Focusing on only today. One of the big mistakes most marketers make is to position their brand in the market today. Have you forgotten that tomorrow will come and there is every tendency that the market would change tomorrow, so why don’t you prepare your brand for tomorrow? Learn about what potential talent pool want from your competitors or company in the future.
  1. Creating a brand without a concrete plan. A branding strategy must be planned well. Make sure that you have a concise, clear, tangible, measurable and realistic plan that would make your brand achievable.