How to develop your brand voice

Branding is the best things a marketer would do for their business. You need to realize that your brand is your personality. Developing your brand’s voice is crucial if you want to set yourself apart, boosting your sales and keeping relationships with your customers.

In this post, we would discuss some ways you can develop your brand’s voice:

  1. Describe your brand in just 3 words. Defining your brand in just 3 words would help you establish how you and your customers see your business. Different companies with their different brands, it is your job to find a brand that suits your business well.
  1. Define each word. Now that you have described your brand in just three words, it is time to explain. Define each word and note any behaviors, content ideas or attributes associated with each of the words. For instance, if you describe your brand as funny, innovative and educating, after defining each word, it might look like this:

  • Funny. You should get along with customers in a jovial and friendly way.
  • Innovative. Always creative, and are constantly bringing out new ideas every day.
  • Educating. It educates the consumers in every way.
  1. Differentiate your brand. You don’t want your brand sounding like that of your competitors, so you have to differentiate your brand. Review some of your competitors’ brands; check the tone, the attitude and the fluency. Once you have checked all that, you want to make sure your brand is different from your competitors’ own completely.

It is very unprofessional when your brand is the same with everyone’s brand. Be unique. Uniqueness is the key to success.

  1. Pay attention. Before writing anything, pay attention first. You don’t want to write anything for your brand that you would end up regretting. First of all study your customers well, how they communicate; are they casual and conversational? Or, are they formal and precise? You need to know all these before you write anything. You don’t want to be shouting the letter J while your customers need the letter A. Your biggest goal is to build a brand voice that your customers would love, so you should learn to pay detailed attention to your clients.
  1. Engage. Don’t be the only one talking, engage your customers too. Allow your brand voice to relax and engage the customers. Engaging the customers is one of the best ways to build your brand voice.
  1. Evolve. Never think that your brand’s voice is static. Your brand voice is fluid; it keeps on changing every day and every time.

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